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Sintered AZS Refractory Brick

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AZS Sintered Standard Brick Application:

1.Kiln crown, hanging screen, rangette, roof parts of the glass furnace.

2.Firing combustion chamber, channel, paving, and sub paving.

3.Tank bottom, breast wall, prot, checkers and side wall.

4.Super structure of melting tank charging door

5.Bottom of glass melting and cooling bedding, regenerator checker, L-shaped hanging wall of nose area.

6.Small oven.

7.Indispensable material of matching site of large float glass kiln.

 Physical and chemical index:

Item and properties

LT-azs32 LT-azs17

Chemical content











Bulk density g/cm3



Apparent porosity %



Cold crushing strength (Mpa)



Softening temperature under load(T0.6,°C )



Resistance of glass liquid erosion

(soda-silica glass,1300°C×24hr)



Thermal shock resistance

(1100°C-water cooled)


>10 time

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