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Sillimanite Fire Bricks and Sillimanite Product

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The sillimanite brick is made of sillimanite minerals.After high temperature calcination,it become mullite and

dissociate silicon dioxide.Generally use high-temperature firing method and slurry casting method to produce.

1.Good thermal stability.

2.Strong resistance to chemical attack.

3.It is the first choice of stable material for glass forming.

Reference Index:

 Al2O3:above 60%



Refractoriness:1790 celsius degree

Cold crushing strength:above 50Mpa

0.2Mpa Refractoriness under load:1450-1510 celsius degree

Apparent porosity:below 25%

Bulk density:2.2-2.4g/cm3

Regeating linear change 1400x2h:+0.15


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